mi mi XXxxxX000ooX (harryheartsme) wrote in slacken_ties,
mi mi XXxxxX000ooX

pics of my ugly cock on bearmoz_shot w/ a poster ov u 4rm teh bona drag period is taht okay" and bearmoz is liek OMG THERE'S A BEARMOZ CUMMUNITE I MUST DELETE IT CUZ I'M NOT A SEXXXUAL CREATURE WTF WTF sew bearmoz totes like deleters all of the cummunitez acdcept 4 oskar wilde cummunities b/c oskar is totes a sexy beast and sew like all these lj ppl r like "WTF Y R MY CUMMUNITIES ALL DELETED" and then bearmoz sez LAWL itZ LJ strikeTHRU 07! april fewlz! BUT IT'S NOT APRIL! n nick n alex rstill zombiyz n their annoyd mozbar b eleeted all teh xexy comz lyke teh 1 abut them so their lyke "MOZ BEER U BPUT THOSE COMS BCK OR WLL MAK U INTO A ZOMBIRE ORA VAMPIE OR W/E WE R!" N MOZ screamed ASL LOUD a she could 'Dear God pLease Help ME!!!!!!" but bfror Jeses culd
Tags: ~*~*~*the best fic ever*~*~*~
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