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N MOMUZ REPLYD LOL is everyone in this community formerly of s_t? Suddenyl DINOZAURZ APPEERD bcuz howwie d wanned sum duyno nuggetz and he new that the olny way 2 get them wuz bi WISHYNG RL HARD. so he sed 2 mozmus "iF you WanT some DINO NUGGITS u haf to ~bLieve~ bcus htey r rly hard 2 come by." and momus started loling rly hrd and exclaymd "THATS WUT SHE SED" but howie d didnt get it but it DDNT MATTER CUZ 1 OF THE DINOSAURUSEZ HAD BEARMOZ ON THE BACK and he wuz like "IO HABE RETURNED FROM tHE HEAVENZ" n BareMOZ sed: Cum in2 mah kindum, MOMUZSAREUS
CUZ HE WUS A DINOSERA 2!!! + teh lizrdz n pterodactys & turtels and dinosars wer afrayd iof turnni in2 zombys so tehy 8 fanz fernidad bt tehy decided thy liked bob so they spited him up b4 theyre stuomach acidjuicez culd dizolve him and tehn AELXXX TIED UP BBOB NONCONSENTUALLY AND ST0LE HIS PAINTZ SO BOBOB WAS LIKE OMG MY PAINTS U BASTARD I H8 U 4EVER AND EVER and howie d started lolin cuz he had sandals on adn SOX ON 2 OMGO OMGMOGMO so he wuz liek STFU BOBOOBO U DON KNO HOW IT FEELS 2 B IN PAIN LIEK ME and bobob's tearz dropped on teh ground and liek a BEANSTALK GREW 4RM TEH GROUND OMG nd tehn sum guy named bernie buttlez came down the besnatlk nd he plaeyd a beutfiul tune on his 5 foot long cock (OMG CHICKEN NOT HIS WEINER U SICKOS) + bernie's luuxuisorious lox of shiney brwn hair bLiNdEd TEHM even THAT GUY W/ TEH EYEPATCH HOLY SHIT SO WE KNO HE WAZ POWERFUL an bernie waz liek "hoy shit thei r 2 meny cariturs
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